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SOMA StrEat Food Park: The Ultimate Restaurant Mash-Up

SF Weekly By Anna Roth Wednesday, Aug 15 2012
Unlike temporary food truck gatherings like Off the Grid or the more permanent pods in Portland and Austin, SOMA StrEat Food Park feels like more than a parking lot for food trucks.
It's separated from the street by a chain-link fence and plenty of greenery, and a feel-good soundtrack drowns out any noise from the adjacent freeway. Up to 10 trucks circle the perimeter like chuck wagons, and they change by the meal. Picnic tables are arranged in clusters that feel almost like rooms; most are housed in a red corrugated metal barn, which is heated.
There's a bar (currently a pop-up with a catering permit only open on weekends, but a beer and wine permit is in the works), an ATM, bathrooms, two large TV screens, and a laid-back, almost festival-like atmosphere. It's an environment designed to make you want to spend time there. The park's got the flexibility to become the ultimate restaurant mash-up, and the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of the food truck owners to make it a reality. It's moved beyond the parking lot; we'll have to see how much further it evolves.

Yelp-User Reviews

Jessa K. Gilbert, AZ, July 27 2012
Beautiful job on making an empty lot in to a Food Park! Love the huge Barn with seating and great addition with all of the potted plants! Who ever was in charge of making this a comfortable atmosphere seriously did a fantastic job! As an out of state visitor I didn't notice it was next to a main road/highway until we left, FANTASTIC!
The food was good, The atmosphere was great, I bet once the Beer Garden is up and running it will be awesome! Cant wait to come back and check it out when were back in town!

Jeff H. San Ramon, CA, June 19, 2012 And unlike your typical food truck experience - wait in line on a hot sidewalk, wait for your food, then eat your delicious concoction standing on the sidewalk next to a trash can - this is a full blown dining experience.
They have several seating areas. You can choose to sit at a long community table in a shaded beer-garden-esk area under a large permanently covered open sided area and meet fellow food truck lovers. Or you can sit at a more solitary table in the same area and have a casual meal. Or you can sit in a separate area under your own private umbrella separated from the other patrons by a lattice wall. And finally, for the true food truck experience, you can stand next to one of the many trash/recycling/compost bin areas and eat the dining option of your choice.

Bill W. San Francisco, CA, August 15, 2012
Driving by this location, i used to be skeptical, thinking it couldn't last.
Now that I have visited, I've completely changed my mind. The food trucks change and so does the variety of inexpensive treats.
The eating area has heaters and is open and clean. It's a different experience from eating inside a regular restaurant: people can move around more. there is lots of space and it's fun to hang out there. A lot of bicycle riders make this their destination.
It may be more safe to lock bikes in this location than going into a restaurant and leaving a bike on the street. It may also have to do with the fact that this is a very casual environment.

Bay Area Bites (KQED)

He's successfully transformed the abandoned U-Haul parking lot into a food oasis, as there's lots of potted plants scattered throughout the park and ample places to sit or stand while eating. Carlos remarked, "It was a complete eyesore for the neighborhood." But once you're within the food park itself, it's easy to forget you're right near the 101 overpass.


By Meesha Halm August 29, 2012
There’s plenty to love about SoMa StrEAT Food Park, San Franciscan’s first-ever permanent street food pod, which has been a hit since it opened back in May.

Creature Comforts Like Covered Heated Alfresco Seating We love to chase down our favorite taco truck or mobile pizzeria, but squatting on the sidewalk or against a chain link fence, not so much. StrEAT Food Park’s fully enclosed and heated barn, which offers picnic-table style seating for up to 300 sitting down (and 500 standing up), is surprisingly comfortable and warm. We ate dinner there a few nights ago at 9:30 PM and it was downright toasty, despite the fog. Bonus points for providing an ATM, clean bathrooms and bike parking on site.