I began Landscaping in 1978 working for a small Design and Build Contractor. The next year my Landscape Architecture instructor put me to work as the Foreman on a $500,000 Landscape Renovation for Condominium Conversion in Downtown Walnut Creek. By 1981 I was the Superintendent of the Landscape on the largest single family home under construction in the State of California. When that project was completed the same developers hired me as a Construction Manager on an 18 month Condominium Conversion project in Downtown Oakland.

Licensed by the State of California as a Landscape Contractor in 1984, between then and 1994, I completed many residential and commercial Landscapes. I operated as a Design and Build firm and a large majority on the jobs I did were from my designs. While my landscapes were lush and colorful, they relied heavily on Hard Construction items, such as, patios, decks, walkways, walls, fountains, waterfalls, and overhead structures, many of which required engineering and permits.

By '94 I knew I wanted to move into General Contracting so I hired on with a series of firms to acquire the necessary knowledge. I worked as a Construction Manager for a Landscape Firm, supervising all their Hard Construction work on projects up to $250,000. I moved on to a Kitchen and Bath Remodel firm specializing in Granite and Marble Slab work, and soon was their Project Manager. I was responsible for all permits and engineering and took over designing from the company owner. I designed and sold Kitchens up to $100,000 and Bathrooms up to $80,000 and managed their completion in the field. In the eight years I was with that firm we saw almost every type of construction issue in residential construction. We also completed a number of Home Theater set ups. From there I did a stint with an Insurance Repair Specialist as a Construction Manager, working in nasty conditions under tight budgets and families who had not planned on a remodel waiting to get back into their homes.

I reopened my license as a General Contractor in 2010 and my first contract was a Site Development project in Downtown San Francisco. Working with the developers and a consulting engineer, I designed the site over a period of a year. During that time I got approvals from the Planning Department, Health Department, Department of Public Works, and spent eight months getting permits from the Department of Building Inspection. Once we got the permits in January, 2011, we had job completed in Five months, by late May.

I can offer you virtually unlimited construction knowledge, (and if I don't know it, I know someone who does) and specific management skills. I work with a small, trusted crew, and call upon a collection of sub contractors I have worked with over the years to do their jobs professionally.

Got a site that seems overwhelming. or do you just want your kitchen to be unique, give me a call.